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I think it is safe to say that nobody before Morrissey and nobody after Morrissey will ever master the creepy, yet mysteriously sexy allure of dancing awkwardly all by yourself the way he has. And on plastic wrap no less.
It just occurred to me, pretty much right now, that Brian and Stewie from Family Guy are a ripoff of Mr. Peabody and Sherman... Observe:

I actually feel really stupid. I grew up on Rocky and Bullwinkle, how did I miss this?

And as a parting gift, I give you CAN-CON, at its finest.....

May. 21st, 2011

Drinking a beer and watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. How are y'all gonna ring in the Rapture?

We Didn't Start The Series

Who remembers this? I can still sing along........

I had to have something...

"I heard alcohol makes you stupid."

"No I'm... doesn't..."


Canned Salmon > Canned Tuna

I'm really not suicidal. Oddly though, it is comforting in a way. Plus, it still is a beautiful song regardless of meaning. It is so many things.

Creepy. Eerie. Inversely positive sounding.

("Fucked Up" if you are absolutely desperate for a descriptive).


At the bar tonight they played Reel Big Fish's cover of "Take On Me".

Never in my life have I desired possession of a firearm that dearly. I hate that band and I hate shitty Ska. However, what's old is new to those 8 years my junior.

When I was in the washroom the DJ started playing a Michael Jackson song from his "Off the Wall" album, at which point someone declared:

"I know he died like two years ago, but why do they still play his stuff? Get over it!"

And it was at that point I realized that our youth had completely missed the point. I can only shudder at the thought of what will happen when Paul McCartney succumbs to old age...

To be a tool and quote the mighty Norwegian pop band A-ha, "I am older than I look and younger than I feel".

Essentially... FML.

Edit: And I do like/know good Ska, for the record.


aaaaaaaaaand GO!

But seriously, what's the diff? TUMBLR seems more cut-n-paste in terms of content, but I'm old and am not 'with' the new stuff...